Gmail Sender Bot

Auto Send Email Messages Using Gmail Sender Bot 

This Windows Application Gmail Sender Bot Will Help You To Send Multiple Emails Using Google Bot with SINGLE CLICK!

Easily spread your word among your email contacts.

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Highly endorse!

Forget annoying manual email submission!

Automate it!

Feature's Of Gmail Sender Bot

  • The unlimited number of emails to send.
              You can send unlimited email to your email contacts.
  • Load List of emails to send
  • Load list of unsubscribers (bot will not send messages to these emails)
  • Load Gmail Accounts list
  • Add attachment files
               You can attach multiple files at same time.
  • ready to run
               No need to install bot.
  • Set time delay between emails.
  • Switching gmail account after specific gmail sends.

Gmail Sender Bot Demo

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