Free Bots From Macro Software

Here you can download free bots; web automation software. 

A program bot is a program that simplifies jobs. An average of these tasks is easy, persistent, and routine.  A software bot can execute them faster and more efficiently than a person.

Please note: All computer software from the listing is provided “as is” without any support.  In the event you require repair/customization, please contact us. Just click the download button, then send an electronic mail, and you also will get an auto-reply electronic mail with the download connection.  By downloading our software, you agree to electronically correct details about our products, notes, and updates.

Free Bots From Macro Software

List Of Free Bots For Web Automation

VTvoter – Voter Helpline App to Enhance your efforts to build Busy Democratic citizenship in the nation, the Indian Election Commission. Auto vote for said applications on

Feedburner bot – FeedBurner Stats is that our analytics service for feeds of most types. And aggregators, email services, web browsers, and bots which subscriber’s access.

Plus Share– G Plus is now a “Real Sharing Rethink for your Web.” Google+ Features: Circles are like categories for your connections so you can share updates.

Link group Gold – This Windows program bot allows you to send infinite personalized messages to group members on LinkedIn via filtering. Send group messages on

Tumblr account creates – Tumblr can be actually a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and also associate to the things you love to combine your interests along with your employees.

YT comment liker – The YouTube bot program helps to quickly increase YouTube opinion likes, majority likes, opinions, and subscriptions on YouTube, rate videos, and encourage the channel. Auto like comments on

Yahoo account creator – Yahoo Account Creator is a lightweight and very easy to use application that lets you generate multiple Yahoo accounts readily. This application will let you create Yahoo accounts with no data entrance without any copy and paste procedure. Auto-create yahoo accounts.

USAToday voter – The USA TODAY Network is working to ensure Americans in the united states have the tools they will need to keep their votes counting. USA TODAY provides you the important info concerning this season’s presidential race, including the contestants along with topics.

Cuetracker scraper – provides all skilled results on the internet site and upload the format.

Corona Virus bot  As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, most people worldwide are turning to the World Health Organization for dependable and official health information and advice.

G+ Terminator  Google Robots and Fears of this Terminator I thought just people working for google utilize G. Though maybe not everybody has an active crowd on Google+ automobile eliminate non-followers from the Google also circles.

Soundcloud follows – it is possible to follow with anyone on Sound Cloud by simply clicking the”Follow” button onto the side below the profile header picture.

Producthunt scraper– The easiest means to crawl the web: Straightforward Scraper converts websites into structured data with only a couple of clicks. Scraper.AI is a data extraction tool which lets you extract and scrape data from any website.

Google play scraper  Google Play Scraper provides an API to effortlessly crawl the Google Play Store for Python with no external dependencies. Google Play Scraper can be a Node.js module used to extract application data from the Google Play Store by providing methods.

WP Blog follower  Followers are users who register up to follow your own blog. At any time you post fresh content on your blog, you are going to update it, either on your Reader tabwordPress weblog follower. Whenever you comply with a blog on, all of the newest posts from that website will probably appear on your reader to find the hottest articles published in every area.

Linkendorser – Regardless of whether you’re a link endorser, rope cutter, or would like to do the job in online networks, we have you covered. Auto endorse people on

Xtremetop100 voter is presently fully supported! Take advantage of this deal to climb higher on this main list. It’s never been easier! More time for your machine; have more.

Gmail sender bot  Gmail Sender Bot. Communication instruments HotScripts from Sexy Scripts. This Windows application bot may assist you to send an infinite number of mails. This Windows application bot allows you to send a entire number of emails using Gmail. Volume send emails together with Gmail accounts.

Keyword scraper  The Google Suggestion Keyword Scraper data is now presented. The key word scraper is a tool for filtering the correct keyword phrases. Scrapes keywords from sites.

Alimessenger  Later, when Fatimah and Ali asked the Companions for help regarding their right to the Caliphate, they replied, “O daughter of the Messenger of God. Send a message on

Free bitcoin bot – This Bitcoin (BTC) trading bot is completely free and open source. It can easily be downloaded Out of GitHub with the Gekko trading bot. FREE BTC benefits are automatically Rewarded from the Bitbot Android app’s free Bitcoin site. Assessing your Bitcoins. Get completely free bitcoins from

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