1. What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is very simple:
There are no refunds for 7-day trial licenses.
There are no reimbursements for protection benefits.
There are no refunds if your license is cancelled due to abuse.
Refunds for the 1-year license can only be made during the refund period (24 hours after purchase).

2. Are you pretending to be human?

 You can scroll up and down. You can control the mouse pointer to perform the clicks. The clicks do not always have the same coordinates. The position of the clicks varies (the clicks are no longer recognizable when using the mouse). This kind of features make it harder to spot as a bot

3. The bot clicks anywhere?

No, the bot only sends traffic to the website of your choice. If you click on that, there is another bot in my portfolio called Macro Software.

4. Can I use proxies?

 Yes, see the documentation for a list of proxy platforms you can use. If you want to make money, you need to use rotating home proxies. These must be rotating as the bot will open each tab with a different IP

5. Does this increase your google rankings etc., is it based on keywords?

 Yes, to improve your search engine rankings, it all depends on what types of keywords you are using.

6. Can I search for keywords in search engines?

No, as it is not currently available, you can only search the website’s domain using the search commands that each search engine has, and the bot will be responsible for searching the website

7. How many tabs can you open?

Google Chrome consumes almost 200MB for each tab open. It depends on how much memory the computer that the bot is being used on has

8. Can I choose the type of traffic (organic, referral, direct)

 Yes, but reference mode is not yet available. It is considering that this is cheating analysis tools, and there are no other benefits.

9. Can Macro Software work 24/7?

 Yes, ourcustomer service will be work 24/7, and they happy to help you.

10. Does mobile mode work with apple/IOS products?

 Unfortunately, no. The software does not support the use of IOS devices to change/generate IP.

11. Does mobile mode use my sim-cards internet?

 Yes, this mode uses the internet from your SIM card

12. If I use mobile mode, will the visitors come from different devices and operating systems?

Yes! Mobile mode is only used for IP production Included in their Computer software. Visitors are given different user representatives, screen resolutions and browsers.

13. Can I select a country or city to send visitors?

No. The software uses “unique” methods of generating pure IPs and does not use proxies or VPNs. The IP addresses come only from your location.

14. Can Macro Software be useful for SEO?

Macro SEO is Another approach to enlarging your electronic digital Reach than traditional search engine optimisation. It’s not about SEO. It’s about to accomplish, conversions and also a basic strategy to support search engine optimization.

15. Does Google Analytics detect traffic?

Yes, it is 100% recognized. Just wait a few seconds, and the traffic will show up in the Google Analytics section.

16. Does Google detect it as a bot?

No, it cannot be recognized as a bot or even a bot because it uses the same Chrome browser. It isn’t easy to be detected as a bot, and it is more effective if you use a home proxy server.

17. Is it an undetectable bot?

The bot is undetectable, but proxy IPs can be recognized as proxies unless you are using high-quality home proxies.

18. Is Adsense safe?

 Yes, you can monetize Google Adsense and any other ad system, but you must use a good quality residential proxy.

19. Can I monetize with CPM and CPC?

 Yes, you need to use household proxies to do this is very important.

20. Can you increase page and CTR impressions?

Yes, you can easily increase the number of impressions and decrease the bounce rate.

21. Can I use it on youtube?

 YES, you can send views and monetize YouTube with high-quality home proxies

22. Can I get future updates if I buy it from seoclerks?

You have to follow it yourself and send me a message when they release a new version because Seoclerks don’t have an embedded user upgrade mechanism.

23. What can I use it for?

-Dominate your competitorsEarn revenue from adsence
-Manage the bounce rate.
-Increase the number of page impressions and control the CTR.
-Organic traffic generation.

24. What does the slang word BOT mean?

BOT is also Utilised in messages to mean “back on issue”. Within this circumstance, BOT indicates that the sender would like to come back to the conversation point.

25. What type of function are used in the bot?

Simulating and automating predefined communication using specific keywords and algorithms. Using the interfaces of other applications and bots to perform additional functions.

26. I need a special custom feature bot. Can you do it for me?

When you can, use our contact form, and we will be Pleased to help..

27. Do you provide a good bot?

Yes, We Offer a good bot and also provide video and document file. What if I perform?

28. My bot does not work. What should I do?

Use jing to record a video with a problem.
Please send us a video/link with a description of the problem using the contact form.
Make sure the problem shows up on your video.
We will review the problem and try to fix it asap.

29. What are the payment methods | translation?

For detailed information on payment methods, please contact customer service.

Email: Skype Id: support macrosoftware

30. On how many computers I can use one license?

You are able to use 1 license on one computer. If You Would like to run the Bot on a lot more than one computer, purchase additional licenses do not work with a license on more than one computer, as you will cancel your permit.

31. I need special custom web automation software, can you do it for me?

If we can, utilize our contact form, and we will be delighted to help.

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