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Auto Ads Clicker Bot/Adword Clicker Bot With Windows Application Bot


With build-in google proxy checker!

Warning: You can use it to test your own Adwords ads or to get additional Adwords ads performance statistics – any other usage is strictly prohibited!

Warning: Please note that we do not guarantee that the bot clicks will be counted by Google as it is mainly depend on the quality of your proxies and target website settings and limitations.

stop annoying manual ads by clicking! Automate it!

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This bot was made to help you with your Internet activity.

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Ads Clicker Bot
Ads Clicker Bot

Features Of Ads Clicker Bot / Adword Clicker Bot

  • Supported Multi-Keywords.

This bot supports multi keywords for searching. they can be fetch and process randomly.
  • Real-Time Clicks like a User.

Click is automated and behave like a real human being.
  • Ability to Click multiple domains in one run.

Yes, You can add multiple domains before the starting of bot. these domains are fetch and processed by bot in ramdom manner.
  • Ability to Click any domain.
Able to click any domain in the google searched AD’s. (AD’s target link)
  • Ability to find ads from Top, Middle, and Bottom of the search results.
Google Ads may appears on Top, Middle or Bottom of the search result. We are able find ads from anywhere on the page.
  • Random wait interval between clicks.
Random wait time interval between each AD clicks.
  • Can able to solve captcha?
Yes, This bot is able to solve google captcha with 2 Captcha.(you need account on 2Captcha for this).
  • Set Amount of clicks to do in one run.
You can set amount of clicks to do in one run. by specifying the how many rounds to do in one thread.
  • Supported http, https , Socks4 and Socks5 proxies in format IP:PORT.
Supported these proxy types for anonymously handle clicker location.
  • Supported Both Public and Private proxies.

Supported boths public and private proxies in (IP:PORT) format.
Some private proxies may have creadentials you can provide them in format IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD
  • Ramdon User-Agents Supported.
yes, You can add user-agents and they are randomaly used.
  • Supports view and edit list the configurations.
You can view and edit the configurations for bot.
  • Built-in Google Proxy Checker.
We provoide the built in google proxy checker for better productivity.
  • Makes fresh starts for each round.
This bot clears cookies, cache , history , etc to make fresh start for next round.
  • Random proxy Usage.
Obviously we provide the feature for use the proxy randomly.
  • Autosave the last configuration and reload saved configuration at the start.
We provide the feature of save the last configuration due to efficient use of our bot.
  • Auto Proxy checker before use.
Auto check the random proxy before use in automation. If proxy fails then another random proxy can be use.
  • Supports skip domain option
Skip domain option is precisly clicking AD’s.
  • Logging Feature.
Detailed activity log saved during the run.